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2014 Columns

Database Auditing on DB2 for z/OS.
Enterprise Tech Journal, June / July 2014.

Using REOPT to Control SQL Dynamism in DB2 for z/OS.
Enterprise Tech Journal, May / June 2014.

2013 Columns

DBA Proverbs – More Words to Live By.
Enterprise Tech Journal, August / September 2013.

General Guidelines for LOAD, REORG and REBUILD Utilities.
Enterprise Tech Journal, May 2013.

2012 Columns

The Scoop on “Dirty Read”
zJournal, December 2012 / January 2013.

What Can You Do to Avoid DB2 Locking Problems?
Enterprise Tech Journal, October / November 2012.

The Big Deal About Big Data.
zJournal, August/September 2012.

Can Data Quality Be Forced?
zJournal, April / May 2012.

DB2 Tips.
zJournal, February / March 2012.

2011 Columns

Security Improvements in DB2 10 for z/OS.
zJournal, December 2011 / January 2012.

The Return of the DBA Proverbs.
zJournal, October / November 2011.

On The Need for Temporal Data.
zJournal, August/September 2011.

Partitioning Pros and Cons.
zJournal, June/July 2011

Best Practices in DB2 Storage Management.
zJournal, Apr/May 2011.

Dynamic SQL Versus Static SQL.
zJournal, Feb/March 2011.

2010 Columns

Rebinding for Optimal DB2 Access Paths.
zJournal, December 2010 / January 2011.

Capping to Control Costs.
zJournal, October / November 2010.

More DBA Proverbs.
zJournal, August / September 2010.

The 10 Database Commandments.
zJournal, June / July 2010.

What's All zTwittering About?
zJournal, April / May 2010.

Database Adventures in Linux for System z Land.
zJournal, February / March 2010.

2009 Columns

11 Rules of the Road for DBAs.  
Published Dec 2009 / Jan 2010.

Collecting Histogram Statistics With RUNSTATS.
Published Oct / Nov 2009.

DISPLAY Your Way Out of DB2 Problems.
Published Aug / Sept 2009.

Are DBAs Really DBAs Today?
Published June / July 2009.

DB2 System Configuration and Performance.
Published April / May 2009.

Recovery is a Compliance Issue.
Published Feb / Mar 2009.


2003 thru 2008 Columns

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